Morty Lefkoe created The Lefkoe Method (TLM).

He discovered the eternal truth “you need to see it to believe it” can actually be used to permanently delete limiting beliefs – particularly for those who’re visually oriented learners.

When you realize you never saw the meaning “I am not enough” in any of your memories, literally not once ever, you realize you created that projection and applied it to your memories. It was all in your mind the whole time.


“I am not enough” was never in your memories.

Just try looking for it. You’ll fail, and that’s great news!

This means you created the reality “I am not enough”.


This means you created all of your beliefs.

You create your reality.

That’s your power.

His method has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of people, and The Lefkoe Institute lives on through his wife’s efforts and their facilitation team.

They now sell information products to help people clear dozens of common toxic beliefs at

Updating & Upgrading TLM

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Morty encountered obstacles with clearing certain beliefs with his clients.

Whenever a belief was tied to the person’s survival, the participant was unable to fully let go of the belief.

He called these “survival strategy beliefs”

Here are some examples:

  • The way to be safe is to hide
  • It’s not safe to be seen
  • The way to survive is to make people like me
  • It’s not safe to speak my truth

In the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, these beliefs are held by parts of the participant who learned at an early age that these strategies keep them safe.

These parts are often represented as “the inner child” or “the inner toddler” in people’s minds. They’re very young, and they cleverly created these beliefs to adapt to their environment to increase their odds of survival.

Parts develop survival strategies to ensure their fundamental needs get met, including:

  • Safety & Security
  • Love & Belonging
  • Identity
  • Stability & Variety

We welcome these parts to the table for a dialogue at the beginning of a session, because they’ll just cause resistance towards the very end of the process and refuse to let go unless they’re addressed with love and compassion.

We seek to understand what needs they’re trying to meet with these beliefs, and offer new possible strategies to meet those needs. We also often “update” the part on the participant’s present moment reality where those needs are no longer under threat of being unmet, so the part can loosen it’s grasp. We explore new possible healthy and constructive roles for that part to play and direct its’ energy towards moving forward, and integrate that part into its’ new role prior to clearing the belief.

Somatic Decoupling & Emotional Clearing

A version of the Lefkoe Method provided by a coaching company changed my life. Their version of TLM made me completely dependent on them for facilitation to experience belief clearing. I desired to facilitate on myself, so I began tweaking their process. I studied the original Lefkoe Method, and found it helpful for clearing visual sense in my belief system, but lacking in one area: clearing the emotional sense of my deeper beliefs.

There’s only 3 ways of knowing: Thinking, Seeing, and Feeling.

Morty’s discovery was that nobody in human history has ever seen that they’re “not good enough”.

They saw people behaving and events unfolding.

My discovery is that nobody in human history has ever felt “not good enough”.

They felt emotions and sensations.

We form beliefs by projecting meaning onto what we see and feel that was never truly there in 3D reality.

Our minds form a somatic entanglement with the words in our beliefs and the feelings in our bodies. That is how the belief’s “emotional sense” gets stored in the body long-term. That’s been the missing link in our understanding of how to clear beliefs permanently. We’ve missed clearing the emotional sense beliefs have which hook them deep into our nervous system (not just our logical mind via logical sense).

I call my process “Somatic Decoupling” because we essentially decouple somatic sensations from the language of our belief system with a simple technique:

  1. Welcome in the feeling of “not good enough”.
  2. Write down ALL associated emotions and sensations that arise, and where in the body you feel them.
    Example: Sadness from my throat to my belly + shoulder tension + anxiety in my gut
  3. Isolate each emotion and sensation, and ask:
    “Does sadness from my throat to my belly mean ‘I am not enough?'”
    No, it does not…
    “Are you sure?”
    Yes… I am sure
    “Does shoulder tension mean ‘I am not enough’?”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Does anxiety in my gut mean ‘I am not enough’?”
    No! It doesn’t.
    “Are you sure?”
    “Did any of these emotions or sensations ever mean ‘I am not enough’?”
    “Are you sure?”
  4. Ask: is there any other emotion or sensation tied to “I am not enough”?
  5. If anything arises, repeat step #3 until the answer to step #4 is “No”.

Participants report the severity of their emotions drop to nearly nothing. They retain access to the old feelings within their memories, but they are no longer super-charged with the meaning “I am not enough”. Some feel physiological sensations in their bodies of the words “I am not enough” literally decoupling from their feelings. It’s remarkable to watch.

This is my simple and direct approach to clearing emotional sense in our belief systems. It lines up with Morty’s philosophy: you create your reality! We create the meaning of our feelings unconsciously as children, and that becomes our reality for decades.

The implications of this discovery are as profound as the impact experienced when they’re cleared forever: immediate permanent liberation from lifelong toxic belief systems accessible to all of humanity.

I love Morty Lefkoe though I’ve never met him.

I eagerly look forward to in some sense continuing his life’s work as my own on a larger scale than was possible for him prior to the internet.

The Sovereign Mind Method is fundamentally self-facilitated, with a network of trained facilitators readily available to help clear sticky beliefs. This is beautiful: we heal through human connection. It’s an integral facet of the human experience.

Thank You Morty, for your decades of tireless service to humanity.