Have you ever had the sense that…

Let’s clear that forever.

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Toxic Belief Systems
Are Deeply Rooted In Your Senses


  • I know it.
  • If it’s not logical , it doesn’t make sense.


  • I see it.
  • If I can’t see it, it doesn’t make sense


  • I feel it.
  • If I can’t feel it, it doesn’t make sense


  • I sense it.
  • If I can’t sense it, it doesn’t make sense.
Clear the T.I.E.S. and it stops making sense.

How Sovereign Mind is
Changing Lives

What is Sovereign Mind?

From being shackled by your mind…

From the day we are born, and often until the day we die, we are force-fed senses and value structures that aren’t our own. This causes us to think and act in ways that run contrary to who we really are. This leaves many of us deflated, unenthusiastic, and feeling as if we are living an unconscious lie.

To setting yourself free…

Liberated from toxic beliefs and senses that sabotage your self-worth, self-trust, love, relationships, success, abundance and happiness, you are truly free to be yourself. We invite you to step into a world free from virtually all mental blocks.

Senses We Clear

“I am not enough…”

“not enough” does not exist. You created it. It’s not your fault; you didn’t mean to. It’s time to let that go.

“I am unworthy…”

You were a child. You faced adversity. You tried making sense of your experience with “I am unworthy”. It’s not your fault. It’s time to let that go.

“I don’t deserve success”

“Deserve” does not exist. You created it. It’s time to find out exactly why you feel this way to clear that nonsense forever.

“I can’t trust myself”

You had intentions. You made choices. It’s time to clear that sense of self-doubt and choose to embrace self-trust again.

Learn the Method Changing Lives.

We’re updating humanity’s operating system with the power to detect and delete toxic beliefs forever.

Does this sound like you?

I had a difficult childhood. My parents, teachers, the church, etc. instilled me with a sense that I wasn’t “important”, “smart”, or “good” enough. This left me feeling that I was not deserving of love and/or success my whole life.

With determination and persistence, I’ve healed and come a long way. I’ve gone to therapy, retreats, seminars, and workshops. I’ve tried all kinds of methods to peel away these toxic senses as best I could.

Yet these old beliefs persist. I know it has to be possible to move beyond them, I just don’t know how. I’m seeking a solution, because I know if I don’t get rid of these I can’t live up to my true potential and have the impact, success, and fulfillment I deserve.

Who We Serve

Conscious Leader

What if you were naturally confident as a leader in the decisions you made regardless of what others think?
What if fear of conflict, sabotage, failure, even success, wasn’t in your reality?
You’d be unstoppable. Would you like to make that happen?

It’s a fun game to play; we’d love to teach you.


Conscious Coach

You love helping others reach their full potential.

Would you like to master the art of discovering and uprooting your clients core toxic beliefs?
Would you like to witness them transform literally overnight and thank you for unlocking them?

It’s a fun game to play; we’d love to teach you.


Ready to start your Sovereign Mind journey?

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