Logical vs Emotional Sense

Logical vs Emotional Sense

Toxic beliefs don’t make logical sense.
They make emotional sense.
That’s always been the problem.

Defining Logical Sense

Logical Sense is created by concepts and language that create a sense of agreement, logical validity, and immediate understanding as true.
Logical Sense is what “seems true” or “sounds right” to us.
Beliefs that make purely logical sense aren’t that hard to clear.
Simply introduce new possibilities, logic, reason, and evidence to support a new belief and the logical tie to the old belief fades.

Defining Emotional Sense

Emotional Sense is created by concepts and language that activates the nervous system, triggering physiological sensations and emotions in the body.
Emotional Sense is what “feels true” or “resonates” with us.

Beliefs that make purely emotional sense cause ~80% of all human suffering.
We commonly understand “I am not good enough” isn’t logically valid.
We see examples in our daily life that disprove it.
Yet it persists taxing our energy on an emotional level.
Introducing new logic, reason, and evidence barely makes a scratch on emotional attachment to a toxic belief rooted in emotional sense. You’ve likely leard this truth expressed in an old adage:
“You can’t reason someone out of a belief they weren’t reasoned into”.
The only way you can functionally help them is to clear the emotional attachments to the meaning they attached to their past emotions and experiences. There are many ways to do this: inner child reparenting, psychedelic experiences, and various theraputic modalities all aim to help clear these attachments.

I created a more simple and direct approach within the Sovereign Mind Method that you can learn in our lectures, books, and blog posts.
It boils down to this:
Nobody in human history has ever felt “not good enough”.
They felt sad, shame, embarassment, anger, fear, and sensations in their body.
They became con-fused: they fused “not good enough” with their emotional state.
When you access the actual emotional state, you can name the sensations and point to where they’re taking place in your body.
Does shame in your belly mean “not good enough”?
Does lurching your shoulders mean “not good enough”?
Does sadness in your chest mean “not good enough”?
Does tension in your forehead mean “not good enough”?
The answer is “No” 100% of the time.
If you think the answer is truly “Yes”, you just need help decoupling the meaning “not good enough” from your sensations.
Often, a part of you thinks letting go of that meaning means your needs for safety, security, belonging, or identity area threatened.
These parts simply need to be updated on your present moment reality; they are trapped in the survival strategies of the past. Once they understand they can safely let go of the belief, and redirect their energy into a new useful purpose, you’re free to fully clear the last emotional sensory roots. The belief disappears forever.
We have trained facilitators available to assist you in this process at https://sovereignmind.org/get-started/

Defining Nonsense

Nonsense quite literally means non-sense – without sense.

Non-sense is created by concepts and language that create neither logical or emotional sense. Nonsense passes through our senses without creating ANY sense of understanding.

Nonsense truly has no power over you whatsoever.

It does not influence your sense of reality in any way.

When you speak nonsense, you tend to laugh or ignore it.

I invite you to try saying some nonsense out loud and notice your mind and body:

“I am Elon Musk’s 5th tail feather”

“I am blue divided by glue on the moon”

“I am flippity floppity floo”

You likely chuckled or felt nothing. That’s because these words make no sense to you at all. They’re nonsense.

I invite you to try saying some common beliefs the Sovereign Mind Method helps people clear every day. Take a deep, neutral breath. Close your eyes. At the top of your breath, speak these words and simply notice what happens in your mind and body.

“I am not enough”

“I am unworthy”

“Work is hard”

“Love doesn’t last”

“Love is pain”

“I don’t deserve love”

“I can’t do it”

“I can’t get what I want”

These beliefs are actually all very common senses of reality.

Do you notice any of them resonating within you as emotional sense?

If so, you’ve found an opportunity to massively upgrade your life by clearing them.

If not, and you truly experienced these as nonsense, congratulations!