You Are Sovereign
Sovereign means “Above rulership & control”

To be a Sovereign Mind, you must learn how to deprogram your mind from old stories, toxic belief systems, and societal influence that keeps 98% of the world population in self-induced suffering.
We’re excited to share a new paradigm with you.
In the new paradigm, you’re able to easily detect and delete toxic programming that slips in for any reason.

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In just 60 minutes, you’ll learn how to Rewire and Empower yourself to:
  • Focus and execute for greater effectiveness
  • Feel more positive, be more proactive, become more productive
  • Overcome limiting beliefs



  • 3 x 1hr Sovereign Mind Sessions


  • 3 x 1hr Belief System Discovery Sessions
  • 9 x 1hr Sovereign Mind Sessions

Are you ready to transform your mindset so that you can consistently show up for yourself in life, at work, and with your friends, allowing you and everyone around you to access their true potential?

If so, I’d love to connect with you on a complimentary 30 minute discovery call to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What patterns and blocks do you help people with?

The list is innumerable, because our method targets the root psychological cause of virtually all patterns and blocks: our Belief Systems (BS).

Self-doubt.. Trust issues. Fear of failure, success, intimacy, vulnerability, losing everything, and all other flavors of fear. Procrastination. Self-sabotage. Body image issues. Tying your self-worth to your success, popularity, etc. Feeling “not good enough”. Feeling that you “don’t deserve” love, success, happiness. Difficulty expressing emotions. Money/Wealth blocks.

To see where others have achieved rapid permanent breakthroughs, see our success stories page.

Who’s a GOOD fit for Sovereign Mind?
You have a strong foundation in personal development. You’ve already achieved a degree of emotional self-reliance. You’re self-motivated to improve and open to extraordinary rapid change being possible for you. You take responsibility for your life and your future. You enjoy investing in yourself, and trust that you’re a good investment. You want to learn skills to increase your self-reliance and self-mastery.
Who’s a BAD fit for Sovereign Mind?
You’re in an emotional state that requires professional, licensed therapy (crippling depression, suicidality, psychosis, etc). You’re using cannabis, alcohol, SSRI’s, or other substances to manage your stress, and are unable to stop. You’re a victim and not responsible for your life. You want someone else to “fix” you.
How is Sovereign Mind different from other modalities?
Our emphasis is self-reliance. We teach you how to fish for toxic subconscious beliefs and senses that hold you back, and how to clear them permanently. You are Sovereign. That’s the whole point. We’re successful when you stop coming back because you learned the algorithm we teach and can support yourself.
Is Sovereign Mind licensed to practice?

No; government licensing is a restrictive old paradigm of subjecting your discernment to “officials” and “experts” and eliminating competition in the name of “protecting the consumer”. We simply produce life-changing results. We embrace the auto-didactic human spirit that self-educates and innovates in the pursuit of self-mastery. Legally, Sovereign Mind offers coaching services, not “therapy”, “mental health”, or “counseling” services.

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