Leaders & Creators of Austin:

Brian D. Ridgway is coming to Austin to FREELY serve you

Tuesday 2/20/22


in an experience of pure magic, liberation, and unleashed prosperity.

If this excites you, register below now…

Event Details & FAQ

How does this work?

First, register above. You’ll immediately receive the venue details and event agenda! Doors open 6PM, Tuesday 2/20/24 and close at 7PM. Event concludes ~10PM.

What's the Agenda?

Brian & Gladius both have created extraordinarily simple, efficient methods to help you remove your unconscious blocks. They’ll each be doing live demonstrations helping YOU shed what’s no longer serving you. Due to the nature of this magic, you’ll be able to follow along in OTHERS’ healing experiences and reap the same benefits & results. Participation in Sovereign Spellbreaking is purely voluntary and always intended for your highest and greatest good.

Is it free to attend?

This experience is free to all to attend. You’ll be invited to make a donation to help us cover Brian and Gladius’ costs (flight, venue, food, time, etc). If you experience a profound transformation, consider donating more to help us thrive bringing this magic to the world!

Can I bring my friends?

Yes! Send them here to register. Use your intuition and discernment who to invite.

How is this different from other tools like NLP, Hypnosis, and EFT?

Brian and I get better, more profound results in less time than everything from the “old paradigm” of self-help, coaching, and therapy. That’s why Brian bills $5,500 per hour to work 1:1 with him. Our methods cut to the core in a way that’s different than anything you’ve ever seen in your entire life. You’ll see, and enjoy!

Brian Ridgway

Widely known as “The Spellbreaker”, Brian is a 2X Best-Selling Author, and master magician of human liberation who’s dedicated his entire life to helping YOU reach your greatest breakthrough. In his journey serving hundreds of thousands of people for ~12 years, he’s developed a modality known as “Spellbreaking” which consistently and repeatedly removes virtually all forms of limiting belief, trauma, spells, and core wounds near-instantly and permanently. See Brian’s Results: https://level5mentoring.com/testimonials/

Gladius Sovereign

Hey, I’m Gladius. Brian’s my mentor, and I love him to life! I worked with him at his retreat in Hawaii, and it’s the best investment I’ve made so far. My net worth has expanded by $60k this month alone after just spending $6k with him. I’m beyond thrilled to co-create this experience for you, and share The Soveriegn Mind Method – my signature method to permanently delete limiting beliefs on-command.

Casa De Luz | Auditorium Room

1701 Toomey Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Doors Open: 6PM

Doors Close: 7PM

Sovereign Mind Experience: 7-8:30PM

Group Spellbreaking Experience: 8-???PM

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Let’s clear the toxic roots.

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