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Creator of the Sovereign Mind Method, Gladius Sovereign asks the questions that unlock pure love and human potential.
Watch everyday people free themselves from limiting beliefs forever.

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About Gladius Sovereign

Growing up, I was abused, bullied, even tortured.

I’ve been on a life-long healing journey to overcome my wounds.

When I let go of “I’m not enough” my entire life changed for the better forever.

I stopped self-sabotaging.
I felt free to be myself and love again.
I started pursuing my dreams.

I became obsessed with synthesizing technology to allow anyone to free themselves from limiting beliefs. This led me to create The Sovereign Mind Method.

Now I’m on a mission to help 1,000,000 people free themselves from “I am not enough”.

False Beliefs Control Our Reality

Instead of focusing on surface-level issues…
We go straight for the toxic roots.

That results in increased personal power, fulfillment, and free will.

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