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The Sovereign Mind Method is our flagship, simple, and highly efficient approach to removing limiting beliefs.

Innovating upon 20th century technologies, we’ve created the most direct, easy, fast way to delete limiting beliefs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If it's all free, how do you make money?

Simple. I offer group training courses for those who want to rise into a whole new level of results and fulfillment. Beyond that, I give so much away for free that the “Law of Reciprocity” takes care of me.

When/Where do I access the Courses & Weekly Sessions?

All courses + community events happen in the Skool.com platform. You’ll receive an invite once you sign up using the button/link above.

Who is this NOT ideal for?

If you have active addictions to alcohol/cannabis that prevent you from accessing your emotions, The Sovereign Mind Method may not be fully effective for you. We must feel it to heal it.

If you come from a highly traumatized background and can’t safely explore your past on your own, we recommend seeking professional support from a trauma-informed practitioner.

If you’re incapable of being honest with yourself that you have limiting beliefs like any human, you won’t benefit much from this line of self-work.

How is this different from other tools like NLP, Hypnosis, and EFT?

It’s simple. We get faster & greater results faster than virtually all 20th century “legacy” methods. With our method, you’re conscious and aware the whole time. Most people only need a few hours of training experience w/ The Sovereign Mind Method to be able to remove limiting beliefs at will.

What if I don't know my limiting beliefs?

Everyone has a blind spot; no worries. We’ll be equipping you with multiple tools in our flagship Discovering Limiting Beliefs 101 Course to help you discover precisely what your core negative beliefs are.

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