Confusion is Concept-Fusion

Let’s Define Confusion

To “Confuse” is to fuse together two concepts which are truly separate.

Look at the word.


Virtually everyone is carrying around dozens or hundreds of confusions in their Belief System (BS). These confusions prevent us from perceiving reality clearly.

Confused Beliefs

Let’s take a look at con-fusions that people commonly believe:

  • Love is Pain
  • Work is Hard
  • Emotions are Weak
  • Men are Liars
  • Women are Manipulative

A is Love, Work, Emotions, Men, and Women in the above examples.

B is Pain, Hard, Weak, Liars, Manipulative.

When we say A is B, we are creating a false link between two entirely distinct concepts.

When this false link is engrained as a belief, havoc ensues.

Our perception of reality is warped in every circumstance involving A.

The Law of Identity

The Law of Identity is one of the three ancient Laws of Thought.

A is A.

“To have an identity means to have a single identity; an object cannot have two identities.

A tree cannot be a telephone, and a dog cannot be a cat.

Each entity exists as something specific, its identity is particular, and it cannot exist as something else. An entity can have more than one characteristic, but any characteristic it has is a part of its identity.

A car can be both blue and red, but not at the same time or not in the same respect.

How to Discover Confused Beliefs

Sentence Completions offer an extremely simple and effective way to discover con-fused beliefs in your Belief System.

Simply write a Sentence Stem such as:

Men are…

Women are…

Love is…

Work is…

Money is…

Making money is…

Then write 6-8 answers that spontaneously come to mind WITHOUT self-censoring to complete each sentence stem.

You may be surprised to write answers like:

Love is…

  • Something that doesn’t last
  • Pain
  • Making the other person feel good
  • Sacrifice
  • Joyless
  • Conditional

These answers are clear indicators of toxic beliefs like “Love is pain”, “Love doesn’t last” and “Love is sacrifice”.

You can use this concept to identify ways in which you meet your core needs as well:

The way to be safe is to…

The way to be good enough is to…

The way to be loved is to…

The first step to clearing your Belief System (BS) is to discover what toxic beliefs are living in your subconscious. Confusions are extremely common, but thankfully easy to discover if you put in some work/thought.