I am Sovereign

I am Free

The Sovereign Mind Method is my gift to humanity.

It enables us to remove beliefs via Direct Intention.

Now we can instantly undefine, forgive, and disidentify with all concepts in awareness.

We do so simply by focusing our attention directly on the energy, and intending so.

Via Direct Intention:
I undefine my Definition of Being “incapable”.
I forgive myself completely for being “incapable”.
I now choose to disidentify with being “incapable”.

Via Direct Intention:
I undefine my definition of being “unworthy”.
I forgive myself completely for being “unworthy”.
I now choose to disidentify with being “unworthy”.

I provide definitions for all terms in The Sovereign Mind Community, Book, and Facilitator Trainings.

Definitions are baked into every letter of every word of every thought you’ve ever thought.

Definitions are your primary linguistic sensemaking instrument.

Ever notice certain words seem to carry a specific feeling?

“F*ggot C*nt” invokes a little more charge than “Dairy Fart” right?

That energetic charge lives inside of your body.

It embeds meaning and stories.

Your past experiences are associate with the word.

You created it and put it there, because your awareness creates all experience.

So it’s not the word that actually has the power.

It’s you.

You’ve been investing your power into the word.

For your whole life, that word has had your power.

And now you can take it back.

I am
Gladius Sovereign.

I’m the founder of Sovereign Mind and creator of the Sovereign Mind Method. I love helping good people solve problems – always will.

The Sovereign Mind Method helped me end the deepest pain and suffering I’ve ever known in my entire life: the pattern of “self-sabotage”.

I was always competent and driven to succeed, yet every time I reached my hand out to grasp my greatness, these beliefs smacked me in the face:

“I am not good enough.”

“I am not worthy.”

“I don’t deserve love.”

Overcoming a ruthless inner critic, deep insecurity, addictions, and chronic self-distraction by discovering and removing my limiting beliefs has helped me achieve a remarkable default State of Being. I am always growing, and honored to serve those who are ready in overcoming their self-limitations.



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Who We Serve

Conscious Leader

Are you an entrepreneur, executive, or team leader who knows that success starts from within? You understand that:

  • Limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving your full potential.
  • You deserve both success and fulfillment without self-limitation.
  • You’re ready to take action.

Our 1:1 consulting services can help you identify and remove these limiting beliefs, empowering you to lead from a place of clarity, confidence, and authenticity.


Conscious Coach

Are you a coach / consultant you who believes that true transformation starts from within? You understand that:

  • Your own personal growth is just as important as that of your clients.
  •  Releasing your inner blocks helps you create more impactful and transformative experiences for your clients.
  • Your inner self-worth is reflected in what you receive.

Our 1:1 consulting and training services can drastically expand the rate at which you evolve internally so you can coach and create from a place of inner clarity.


Our Beliefs

We guide our process with a core set of beliefs that inform every action we take.
You are a Sovereign Creator

You create your reality by creating your beliefs. Every belief is always a choice. You have the divine right and power to discreate your earlier creations at-will, whenever you choose. Will you choose to identify with “I am unworthy” or let it go?

Change is Always Now

There is no such thing as “difficult change” or “change that doesn’t last”. Your life is irreversibly changing billions of times per second. By changing your beliefs, you create instant permanent change to enter a new and improved Way of Being.

Know and Be Thyself

As you shed self-limiting beliefs, you instantly know yourself at a deeper level than ever before.

There is no end – only a series of ever-increasingly powerful and lovely beginnings.

This is Your Success Story

Are you ready to be free?