As A Coach, Facilitator, Or NLP Practitioner:

You Want To Serve Your Clients At The Highest Level, Giving Them Tangible, Reliable, Long-Lasting Results

If This Sounds Like You,
Then Read Every Word Below…

In a moment I’m gonna share with you why coaches, facilitators, and NLP master practitioners
are flocking towards this one day training.

And why over the 8 hours we spend together, they are drastically improving the results and impact
they have on their clients.

After going through this process and what we’re going to share with you, it’s going to completely
(and radically) change your perspective on coaching and healing.

I invite you to take yourself back to the first time you attended a training that blew your mind with
moments again and again.

Recall the exact moment you thought…
“Wow, I can help people with this!”

Feel again how what you were experiencing could magically transform people’s lives, and give
them a completely new outlook and perspective.

Do you remember feeling that complete internal state change in a matter of moments?

Or that spark of inspiration to share it with as many people as possible?

Do you feel that emotional charge?

Know that what I’m about to share with you and invite you to is going to have the exact same impact, if not greater.

But before I tell you more about that, allow me to introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Gladius Sovereign – Creator of The Sovereign Mind Method™, and along with my business partner and friend, Forrest Wolverton, we’ve deconstructed multiple layers of self-development tools and methodologies, everything ranging from Internal Family Systems, the Sedona Method, and the Clear Beliefs Method and NLP to synthesize a near-magical process for human transformation.

What We’ve Done Is Created The Simplest And Most Efficient Method Possible To Help Clients Permanently Eliminate Their Core Limiting Beliefs In Minutes.

CORE Limiting Beliefs like “I am not worthy” and “I’m not good enough” simply DISAPPEAR in minutes.

By simply cutting these out and removing the emotional tumors that have been holding your clients back..

You’re able to create a new sense of joy and positivity in every area of their life, unmatched by anything else.

This Event Is Your Chance To Take Your Ability To Get Results To A  Whole New Level!

See, Forrest has been an NLP Master Trainer for 9 years and has held multiple seminars, workshops, and helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people in that time.

When I first did a Sovereign Mind Method™ session with Forrest, it completely blew his mind.

A number of life-long beliefs that even the most advanced tools of NLP and Quantum Timeline Technique couldn’t budge simply melted into non-existence – in mere minutes.

The foundations he learned in NLP complimented my approach like bread and butter – it just made sense why it worked so well and so simply.

He immediately saw the wide range of applications The Sovereign Mind Method™ has, and began applying it in his private coaching practice.

Every single session his clients achieved massive breakthroughs.

Every single session his clients achieved massive breakthroughs.

He decided that this is so good, more coaches NEED to know this method.

Now, if you’re like us, one of the things that you completely thrive on is the fact that you are able to create drastic changes and have a massive impact on someone else’s life.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing with you:
Handing you the tools, giving you the power, and putting together the equivalent of an 8-hour PhD.

Now, The Reason We’re Inviting You To This
One Day Event Is Quite Simple: You Already Understand
How The Brain Works.

You’ve got multiple tools of transformation under your belt.

You’ve done the work.

That’s why your learning curve is so much shorter.

You know that removing core limiting beliefs instantly causes life-changing transformation in thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

By combining the Sovereign Mind Method™ with what you already know,

it accelerates and supercharges the results your clients receive infinite times over.

So I’ve talked about what The Sovereign Mind Method™ is to some degree, but I haven’t really gone into it, so
allow me to explain what it is.

Introducing The Sovereign Mind Method™:
The Revolutionary New Healing Modality That Frees Your Clients from Limiting Beliefs in Minutes

The Sovereign Mind Method™ empowers anyone to free themselves from ANY core limiting belief in a matter of minutes.

It’s radically simple and effective.

4 Simple Steps and *POOF* the Core Limiting Belief is DELETED.

The Secret?
Beliefs Make Logical, Visual, and Emotional Sense.

Seeing is Believing

Feeling is Believing

When you were a child, you believed in Santa with all your heart, until someone told you the truth:

“Santa” does not exist.

What you’ve truly seen your entire life was just old men in red costumes.



You can apply “The Santa Effect” to ANY limiting belief imaginable simply by asking the right questions.

The same principle can be used to defuse emotions and sensations the nervous system has linked with your limiting beliefs.

This results in the belief losing all Logical, Visual, and Emotional power.

The Done-For-You scripts will reveal all, and it’ll make perfect sense.

These 5 Beliefs Are Why Your Clients Don’t
Make Progress

The Top 5 Insidious Beliefs:

I am not good enough.

I am not worthy.

I am not safe.

I am not good enough.

I am not worthy.

I am not safe.
I am not capable.
I can’t trust myself.

I am not capable.

I can’t trust myself.

There are 46+ Radically High Impact limiting beliefs that we’ll cover in our 1-day training, but these are the 5 most insidious.

The moment you remove them, your clients will see a drastic shift in every area of their life.

What we’re gonna reveal to you is how to combine what you already know with this technology, which will cover:

Comprehensive New Definitons to properly understand limiting beliefs at a deeper level

Multiple Methods to identify CORE Limiting beliefs holding your clients back

How to use The Sense Test to KNOW Which Beliefs to Prioritize

How to DELETE Limiting Beliefs at the Logical, Visual, and Emotional levels

And so much more…

We’ll show you how to release these massive constraints for your clients in just 8 hours…

Now let’s talk about the day itself.
The way it’s set up is powerful.

The Entire Day Is Designed From Start To Finish To Remove Your Limiting Beliefs And Give You Hours Of Practice Facilitating The Sovereign Mind Method™ So You’re Immediately Ready To Impact Your Clients At A Whole New Level.

You’ll know exactly how to work it into your 1:1 and group coaching sessions for maximum client results.

You’ve already got your “Masters Degree” in client transformation..

This is your One-Day PhD in Belief Transformation

First, you’ll sit down and open up your welcome pack to discover all the hidden gems within.

Then, we’ll open circle by setting intentions to evolve together into greater service for humanity.

Forrest and I will get on stage and fully describe the new technology that is the Sovereign Mind Method™.

You’ll use The Sense Test to get 100% clear on what limiting beliefs you get to release during the training.

We’ll take a break, then the first round of Live Demonstrations begins.

You’ll see transformation happen before your very eyes that’s so radically simple, you almost can’t believe it – if it weren’t for the genuine smile and tears of joy on the first lucky participant’s face.

Next, it’s your turn.

You’ll use the done-for-you scripts provided to give, observe, and receive profound belief healing.

You’ll be supported the entire time by our master trainers.

You’ll see, feel, and breathe differently by the end of the day.

After hours of experiencing the method transform your life first-hand, your brain will be hard-wired to KNOW you can delete limiting beliefs for anyone on-command.

As we conclude, we’ll all head out for a celebratory dinner to forge lifelong friendships with our like minded peers.

That night, you’ll drift into a peaceful dreamy sleep lost in imagination of what just became possible for you now that you’re better equipped to serve others.

Don’t just believe me, here’s what our clients
have said previously…

Your existing toolkit will perfectly compliment what you’re about to discover.

You’ll be able to create deeper INSTANT life-changing results than ever before.

Now, I Know You Might Be Sitting There
And Wondering What The Investment For This
One Day PhD?…

It’s really simple.

It’s $1,250. That’s it.

For $1,250, you are able to fully immerse yourself over the course of one
day and have complete access and support.

Does this mean after the one day that we’re done?

Don’t this mean after the one day that we’re done?

No, but we’ll get to that a little bit.

First, let’s understand why the investment is $1,250.

Reason #1:
It’s $1,250 is simply because we want to scare off the tire kickers who will never actually use this.

Reason #2:
We know $1,250 is an easy investment to make back.

After you’ve completed (and experienced) The Sovereign Mind Method during the One Day PhD, you’ll want
to naturally do this with your clients immediately.

From our own results and those we’ve helped before, we know you’ll make a positive ROI within 55 days after
applying The Sovereign Mind Method to your existing clients and offering it to new ones.

Reason #3:
It’s enough of an investment for you to take action.

You’re personally going to experience The Sovereign Mind Method™ at this event.

You’ll be letting go of your own limiting beliefs that are holding you back as we live demonstrate on one another.

This allows you to experience what your clients will experience and know how this works.

The worst thing you can do with this is simply not apply it.

This Is A Full Immersion Program Over The
Course Of Just One Day.

Here’s what we’re going to be covering:

  1. How to instantly identify limiting beliefs with The Sense Test (you’ll be surprised and shocked what
    comes up)…
  2. The 7 common defense mechanisms clients use to protect their limiting beliefs (and how to gently defuse them in the same session)
  3. How to help your clients become ready and willing to let go of core beliefs – all while maintaining a safe, supportive environment.
  4. How to prevent your clients’ parts (internal protectors) from sabotaging the process
  5. Multiple breakout sessions for YOU to remove YOUR limiting beliefs
  6. How to use “The Santa Effect” to remove limiting beliefs Visually
  7. 11 Limiting Beliefs your clients WANT AND NEED YOUR HELP with (and how to identify each one)
  8. Using “Emotional Defusion” to remove limiting beliefs Emotionally & Somatically
  9. 37 Limiting Beliefs your clients DON’T EVEN KNOW they have
  10. How to remove your limiting beliefs on your own without a facilitator! (This is a HUGE gamechanger)
  11. Done-For-You scripts – giving you a guide so you’re not lost when you use the Sovereign Mind Method™ yourself…

So If This Sounds Like Something You’d Be Interested In,
Here’s How You Get Started…

All you have to do is click the order button below.

You’ll be taken to a secure checkout page, enter your regular details, and complete your one-time investment of $1,250.

Your entire entry and education in the one day PhD, a single $1,125 investment after using code earlybird777.

After you’ve put everything into practice, I guarantee you will see how we’re underpricing this.

If you’ve been referred, put the person who referred you into the order comments box so we can send them a gift!

Before We Get Started…

Do You Have Any Final Questions?


To get started click the order button and reserve your seat today.

But that’s not all.

You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses For Signing Up. We Love Bringing The Community Together!

Bonus 1

$250 Lifelong Discount

You’ll receive an exclusive invitation to the Belief Alchemy Mastermind Community with a founding-member discount. More info to be announced… Stay tuned!

Bonus 2

Recorded Session Library

You’ll walk away equipped with online resources including hours of recorded sessions to help you continue mastering The Sovereign Mind Method™ long-after this training ends.

Bonus 3

$250 Session w/ Glad

The creator of the Sovereign Mind Method will PERSONALLY help you discover and free yourself from core limiting beliefs prior to this training! This will change your life.

Bonus 1
$250 Lifelong Discount

You’ll receive an exclusive invitation to the Belief Alchemy Mastermind Community with a founding-member discount. More info to be announced… Stay tuned!

Bonus 2

Recorded Session Library

You’ll walk away equipped with online resources including hours of recorded sessions to help you continue mastering The Sovereign Mind Method™ long-after this training ends.

Bonus 3
$500 Session w/ Glad

The creator of the Sovereign Mind Method will PERSONALLY help you discover and FREE YOURSELF from core limiting beliefs prior to this training!

There’s No Greater Joy to Forrest and I Than Seeing Our Students Grow, Succeed, And Overtake Us In Being Able To Embody These Tools.

So if this sounds like something you want to do and take it to the next level, sign up for the one day PhD and we look forward to seeing you there.

With Love,
Gladius Sovereign

P.S. Remember this event is a one-day event hosted on 7/23/2023.

P.S. Remember this event is a one-day event hosted on 7/23/2023.

P.P.S.  We have a limited number of seats, only 30 to be exact.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Simple. Tap the order button anywhere above, enter your regular details, and you’ll receive welcome + onboarding instructions for next steps prior to the training on Sunday 7/23/23 @ Casa De Luz, Austin TX.

Where is the event?

This 1-Day PhD Belief Transformation experience will be hosted in a private space at the Casa De Luz community center in Austin, TX on Sunday July 23, 2023.

What do I need to bring with me?

You’ll be given a welcome kit containing done-for-you scripts, a journal, a pen, and more surprise goodies. We recommend bringing a water bottle, snacks to tide you over through lunch, and most importantly, bring an open, curious mind and heart.

How does this integrate with my current tools?

You’ll be able to detect limiting beliefs within yourself and your clients instantly within seconds moving forward with The Sense Test. You’ll be able to delete these limiting beliefs with The Sovereign Mind Method™. You’ll be given scripts and frameworks that naturally blend with other coaching and healing modalities to integrate limiting belief work into your natural authentic style.

Why do I need this if I'm already helping clients?

How many times have you seen client shold themselves back, fail to follow-through, or beat themselves up? You’re about to discover the simplest, fastest, lasting method to help them end their self-limiting patterns by permanently removing what was always the root cause: their core limiting beliefs.

Ready to Master Limiting Beliefs?

Just do it. You’ll be glad you chose to level up with us to impact more lives. See you there!

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